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Credit Card 

 Think credit cards cost too much? Most do..but not our ACIPCO VISA.  It costs less - much less - than most other credit cards. Just look:

Low 9.99 Annual Percentage Rate: Not 19 to 21 percent like many cards. We offer one of the lowest rates you'll find anywhere.

No Annual Fee: Most cards charge from $15 - $75 just for the "privilege" of having their card.

 25-Day grace period on purchases:  With a zero balance, you have up to 25 days to pay your purchases before interest is applied.

Travel Insurance up to $250,000: when you use your VISA to purchase travel tickets.

Ordinary credit cards are available from most anywhere. But only your Credit Union offers the VISA that pictures ACIPCO on the front. We're proud of ACIPCO and its contributions to the Birmingham economy since 1905. ACIPCO is a special place, energized by special people. Don't you think that deserves a special card?

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                                         Debit Card


In an effort to better protect our members from debit card fraud, we will be instituting limits on transactions performed without a PIN.  Begining April 15th, 2014, all transactions performed outside the state of Alabama, which are $100 and over, will require the use of your PIN.  Exceptions to this rule will be restaurants (including fast food) and gas stations.  This will not affect online transactions.  If you have any questions, please contact the credit union at 205.328.4371.


Imagine never having to write another check or search for identification. Now you can leave your checkbook at home! Our VISA Debit Card offers convenience and freedom as it combines the features of a check with the speed of a card at no cost to you.

Here's how it works - when you are ready to make a purchase, swipe your VISA Debit Card through the scanner at the sales counter. Then choose whether to use the Debit or Credit option. For the Debit option, use your pre-designated PIN number and avoid having to sign a receipt. For the Credit option, you'll sign a receipt as you would with a credit card, but you won't have the fees and interest of a Credit card. With either option, Debit or Credit, your purchase amount will be deducted immediately (electronically) from your ACIPCO share draft (checking) account. Your purchase will be approved as long as you have the available funds in your account.  

Your VISA Debit Card also works like an ATM card at any Automated Teller Machine with the internationally popular VISA or STAR networks. Get the cash you need using your Personal Identification Number (PIN). This one card does it all! Visit the Credit Union to complete an application and enjoy the convenience and benefits of a VISA Debit card such as:


  •           Can be used most anywhere VISA is accepted
  •           Posts to your account electronically (most often real time)
  •           Dual function card
  •           No annual fee 
  •           Daily signature limit- $750
  •           Daily Pin limit- $2500

NEW!   Our Debit Cards Can Now be used in the following countries:

Canada -- Ireland -- United Kingdom -- Spain -- France -- Germany
Columbia -- Brazil -- Australia -- Jamaica -- Venezuela -- Italy

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                                                          ATM Card

ACIPCO Federal Credit Union also offers an ATM card that can be used anywhere you see the STAR network logo to withdraw cash from your share or share draft account. If you use the ATM here at the credit union there is no service charge applied to your account. Ask about getting your own ATM card when you open your account.

To activate or change your pin number on your ATM or Debit Card, Please call:


                                         Call 1-800-448-8268


  • Debit/ATM cards activated at an ATM will take effect the next business day
  • Debit/ATM cards activated by calling the Credit Union will take effect the next business day
  • Debit/ATM cards activated by calling the 800# above will take effect immediately

We've made it even easier to activate your new Debit/ATM card by removing the home phone restriction. You no longer have to make your activation call from your home phone.  Now you can call from any number, whether from your cell, from work...even your neighbor's house!  

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To Locate a Star Network:

What's so important about the Star Network?  With some of our newer Debit/Credit or ATM cards, they're currently only working on an ATM that is on the Star Network.  Until we get that situation corrected, knowing where you can withdraw cash before you leave home can save you time, gas and cause less headaches!

How do I know if the ATM is on the Star Network?  All ATMS show a label or sticker identifying all the various Networks they participate in.  The Star Network logo looks like this : 

Whether you're running errands here in town, or traveling out of state, check the Star Locator website before you leave home to locate an ATM machine that participates in the Star Network.  Click the logo above to begin your search !

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 Ask a Credit Union staff member to see which card is right for you!


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