Telephone Teller Service


You have your own line to your credit union - anytime, from anywhere - with our Pipeline teller service.  Using your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and a touch-tone phone, you can obtain many types of account information including the balances in your share and share draft account. 

Wondering which checks or electronic withdrawals have cleared your account?  You can get that information privately with just a phone call.  You can also transfer funds between your share and share draft account or make your loan payments by transferring from your share and share draft accounts.

Pipeline is easy to use.  When you call Pipeline for the first time, simply follow the easy instructions to assign your own four-digit PIN.  Then, press the appropriate key on your touch-tone phone to choose the type of transaction or inquiry you wish to make.  All financial transactions conducted via Pipeline will appear on your member account statement. 

Call Pipeline at (205) 715-2331, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Pipeline is completely confidential , readily available - and it's free!



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