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ACIPCO Federal Credit Union proudly offers you access to Credit Union Service Centers, a network of shared Credit Union offices that are quickly spreading across the country.  Although the original CU Service Centers have either closed or gone out of business, the majority of the Service Center locations have been purchased by other Credit Unions who have agreed to continue to "function as" a Service Center. That is, they do "double duty".  They are a private Credit Union, but at the same time they will also perform Service Center functions.  

Please note that not all Credit Unions function as a Service Center, so before you enter a random Credit Union to do your ACIPCO banking, you'll want to ask first if they are a participating Service Center.

Credit Union Service Centers are sometimes open extended hours.  Most are open until 7 p.m. on weekdays and 5 p.m. on Saturdays, but you'll want to call first to confirm this with the location you plan to use, as they may also have kept their regular business hours.  There are currently 60 locations scattered across Alabama with more opening soon.  Click on the link above (the CU Service Center icon)  to find the location nearest you. 




You will need a legal photo ID, such as a Drivers License, to access your ACIPCO Federal Credit Union account at any Credit Union Service Center.   Then make your deposit, withdrawal, transfer or inquire about your funds, just as you would if you were here at ACIPCO. Please note that standard ATM usage rates apply if you use your ATM card at one of their ATM machines.


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