Payroll Services


Payroll Deduction

Pay yourself first with convenient payroll deduction. Your deductions may be credited to your loan accounts, savings accounts, or even family members' accounts. It's easy to sign up for payroll deduction. Just stop by.
Direct Deposit

It's the ultimate in convenience! Your ACIPCO or other paycheck (even your Social Security, retirement or U.S. Government pay) is sent directly to your credit union and deposited into your checking account on payday....guaranteed! Direct Deposit is safe and easy to get started. Give us a call and we'll prepare the form for your signature as needed or give you the information needed to complete your form.


Have your loan payment automatically deducted from your checking or share savings account with us, and forget about mailing your payments each month! Autopay is a convenient loan payment method for members who are not eligible for payroll deduction. We can set it up with a single phone call today to enroll in Autopay.  


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