With the ever-growing amount and types of fraud, we want to educate our members as much as possible.  The National Credit Union Association has developed a series of videos to help with that education.   The following video discusses how to recognize, avoid and report cyber fraud.

Debit Card Fraud

With the large amount of debit card fraud we have encountered lately, (and it’s only going to increase from here) we have compiled the following information to help protect your account, and to assist if your account is compromised.

Tips to reduce your risk for debit card fraud:

  • Keep your PIN a secret.  Never write it down, and never tell anyone what it is.
  • Try to never let your card out of your sight. 
  • Try to always use gas pumps in plain sight of the store attendant.  Be aware of the card reader.  If it seems loose, it could have a skimmer installed on it.  Same goes for ATMs.
  • Review your account activity often for signs of any fraudulent activity.

Because of fraud, and the potential for your card to be blocked, always make sure to have multiple payment types available to you, whether it is another debit card, a credit card, or cash.  If your card is blocked for fraud, and you are out of town, there are also Shared Branching locations where you can access your ACIPCO FCU account.

If your debit card is blocked, but you have available funds and no visible reason for your card to be blocked, call PSCU at 1-888-918-7729.  They can start a fraud case for you and initiate provisional credit, if applicable.  They will attempt to contact you before they block your card, so be sure to answer your phone, check your messages, and keep your information updated with the Credit Union.

If you find fraudulent transactions on your account, but your debit card has not been blocked, please call 1-888-918-7729 to begin a fraud case and block your card. 

If your debit card is compromised, come by the Credit Union, during our regular business hours, and we can print a new card for you.

Credit Card Fraud

Follow the same guidelines for your credit cards that you use with your debit cards in order to prevent fraud.  If you receive your credit card statement, and you find fraudulent transactions, call 855-616-9189.  If you have lost your card, please call 800-449-7728.