There are a few things that will help your sign in to go smoothly.

  1. Make sure ACIPCO FCU has your e-mail address on file.  The system will send notifications when changes are made to security settings and when a temporary password is required.
  2. Perform a browser check by clicking here to be sure that your browser meets the minimum requirements.
  3. If you have not yet signed up for online banking with ACIPCO FCU, please click the next tab, “Detailed Help with Sign Up” to get started.  Otherwise, continue to tab 3, “Ready to Go.”

Once you have selected to Sign Up on our home page, you are less than 5 minutes away from completing your registration and will be ready to enjoy your online banking experience!

After clicking on “Sign Up”, you will be presented with these requests:

  1. Review and agree to Electronic Fund Transfer Agreement and Disclosure.
  2. Put in YOUR social security number (make sure it is YOURS!)
  3. Your date of birth.
  4. Your BASE account number (not the number at the bottom of your checks).
  5. Choose your User ID (no special characters like & or ! and at least 6 characters, numbers or letters).
  6. Click on the e-mail that you want your temporary password to be delivered to.
  7. Once you receive your temporary password in your e-mail, type it in the site.
  8. Choose a new password (at least 8 characters, as least one lowercase, one uppercase, and a number).  NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS! (Example: & or !)
  9. Security Questions and Answers: Pick a question and then answer it.

    Important tips:

    1. No 2 answers can be the same.
    2. Remember the format of your answer.  It is case-sensitive.
  10. You will also be required to select a confidence image and image secret.
  11. Check your contact information to see if it is correct: email, phone and time zone.
  12. Click on Continue and then click View Account.

You’re ready to go!

Once you have tested your browser, you can log in directly from our website.  Enter your User ID on our home page.  Once you click Sign In, you will be directed to a new online banking page to enter your password. 

Once you enter your password, you will be required to select 5 security questions and answer them.

Important tips:

  1. No 2 answers can be the same.
  2. Remember the format of your answer.  It is case-sensitive.

You will also be required to select a confidence image and image secret.

You will then need to confirm your email and timeReadyt zone and click Continue.

At this point, you can add personal info to your profile, such as your picture, view your accounts and balances, or customize your settings such as the theme.  After you select one of the three options, you will be asked to review and agree to our Online Banking and Bill Payment Agreement.  Once you have read the agreement, check “I Agree” and click on Continue.

Note: You may be required to change your password if it does not meet the minimum requirements of the new online banking system.  These requirements are: at least 8 characters, as least one lowercase, one uppercase, and a number).  NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS! (Example: & or !)

Once you have logged in to ACIPCO FCU’s Online Banking, you can expect:

  • Updated security to keep you, your money and your identity safe
  • Personalized online banking experience
  • Personalized balance alerts/transaction alerts sent to you
  • Savings goals options
  • Personalized financial education articles
  • Ability to view and print statements
  • Schedule transfers
  • View and print checks cleared
  • View newsletters, social media and current promotions

Take a tour around the site, and you will find a great online banking tool that fits your life!



This is your home page widget for online banking. This will show you every account you have, plus the accounts you are a joint owner on. When you are on other pages in online banking, click on the Dashboard widget to go back to your home page.

My Accounts

Use the My Accounts widget to view an overview of all your accounts, account details, your transaction history, including the images of your cleared share drafts and your statements. Click on one specific account at the top of the page if you would like to see transactions for only ONE account at a time.

On the account details page, we have provided you with our routing number and the specific account number you use to establish direct deposit or originate an ACH.


Use the Transfer widget to perform a quick transfer, classic transfer, schedule a transfer, view your scheduled transfers and transfer history.

Draft Services

Use the Draft Services widget for check withdrawals to be sent to the account holder. It will be sent to the address that is on our files.


Use the More-Message widget to send a secure message to a Member Service Representative.

Savings Goals

Use the Savings goal widget to create and track your savings goals. You may create multiple goals tied to a single account, then track, edit and prioritize the goal based on your preferences.

Do I need to do anything before I sign up for Online Banking?

Yes, we ask that you make sure the Credit Union has an updated email address so we can send you temporary passwords if we have to reset you. Also, we ask you to perform a browser check to let you know if your browser meets the requirements to run this online banking tool. If your browser needs updating, the browser check page will provide instructions.

Do I have to answer security questions EVERY TIME I sign on?

No. When you sign in to your account with your User ID, it will ask you two of your security questions. At the bottom of that page, it lists Device Security. Click on “Remember this Device” and name the device. (Example: home computer, work.) Each time after, it will remember you and you will not have to answer them on that device. FYI: It will remember up to 5 different devices.

The system is not taking my answers to the security questions and I know I’m typing my answers correctly. What’s wrong?

Make sure to remember the EXACT format of your answers that you entered. (Example: Avenue or Ave or Ave.) If you can’t remember your answers, call us at 205-328-4371, option 2 and we can quickly reset your questions.

Why am I not able to make a payment that is past due online?

You may make an online payment if you’re still under the 10 day grace period. If you are past the 10 day grace period, call the Credit Union or come in to make your loan payment.

I am trying to sign up for Online Banking, and it says my records are incomplete and to call. What does this mean?

All it means is that we don’t have an email address on file at the Credit Union. Just call us at 205-328-4371, option 2 and update your records and you’ll be ready to sign up!